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Θέμα: Vivaldi, 1 concerto 400 times?  (Αναγνώστηκε 103 φορές)
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Stravinsky supposedly made the folowing comment on Vivaldi: "Vivaldi did not write 400 concertos; he wrote one concerto 400 times." Why is Vivaldi's music so repetitive? One idea, that comes to my mind, is that back then in the baroque period, composers (and people in general) were not viewed as an individual personalities and hence were not expected to be original and inventive. The notion of an artist as a creative individual only appeared in romantic era. Artist was just a craftsman, who must please the audiance with enjoyable music. Telemann also falls into this "one piece repeated hundreds of times" category, I think. On the other hand, Bach also wrote about 200 cantatas, but he didn't repeat himself, his cantatas are quite versatile. So, is that Vivaldi's weakness or can we see that as something typical of his period?

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